At U 92.3 FM, many of our shows offer listeners a chance to win many great prizes or simply participate through a wide array of contests both on-air and online. Remember to contact the correct host and show for more information about individual contests or email [email protected] and the station will forward your message to the hosts. Here are a few of the general rules with contests, giveaways and other competitions on U 92.3 FM.

General Contest Rules

1. All participants in a contest resulting in a prize or award over the air or online must be 18 years or older unless otherwise specified. Proof of age and identification must be shown if contest requires a prize to be claimed or redeemed in person.

2. Universal Media Access employees, advertisers and immediate family are not eligible to participate or win.

3. All contest winners are ineligible for further contests for 30 days after they have won a previous contest.

4. Universal Media Access is not responsible for any cancellation of promotions, lost or delayed items in the mail or otherwise or phone/internet equipment failures and malfunctions that cause a contestant to lose or delay their participation.

5. All contest winners are responsible for their own taxes and forms associated with winning a prize over $600 in value.

6. All giveaways have no cash equivalent and may not be transferred or exchanged.

7. All contests winners are chosen by Universal Media Access.

8. In the event of a tie, Universal Media Access and Desi 1170 AM will award a winner in any manner that is deemed appropriate.

9. All prizes must be claimed from the designated location during normal business hours unless otherwise specified.

10. Universal Media Access reserves the right to amend contest rules at any time. Any changes made will be published to the public and are effective immediately unless otherwise specified.

11. Universal Media Access reserves the right to discard or disqualify entries that are incomplete, confusing, tampered, submitted inappropriately or submitted after a contest deadline.

12. All contests, promotions and explanations will be in compliance with local and applicable laws, including FCC rules and regulations.

13. All contest entries constitute a waiver of privacy and agreement that a participants consents to their name and contest entry be published, announced or archived by Universal Media Access.

14. All contest entries constitute an agreement and acceptance to all rules and a waiver of claims against Universal Media Access.

15. No purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibited.