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The Reasons Mall Stores Do Not Accept Coupons Like General Stores

Every city in the USA has a mall of some sort. These malls bring in thousands of customers in just a weekend and make so much money it’s not even funny, but many people wonder why they can get a coupon for a product sold at a grocery store or even a convenience store but not the vast majority of mall shops. Grocery stores accept coupons to keep people coming into their stores due to competition. People buy the cheaper alternatives. However, in a mall, people don’t have that luxury; most mall stores carry brands that are contracted specifically to their stores and no one else. So if you want a jacket whose brand is only available at Macy’s then you have to go there. But if Wal-Mart has a can of beans for seventy five cents and Big Eight has it for thirty five cents, then most people are going to go to Big Eight.

In the end, Malls don’t need coupons to stay afloat because you are forced to shop there if you want that product. The only way to get a product cheaper at a mall is if there is a sale or discount event.

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Weird Coupon Codes: 76% Off Your Circumcision

Much like any other medical procedure, circumcision is another procedure for which a customer probably should not be bargain hunting. However, a Groupon in the Philippines offered just that, with 76 percent off on a circumcision procedure having the title of the offer to be “Circumcision for P1800 at Cosmetics Treatment Center (Up to 76% off)”. The discount lets the customer “save” over 5,700 Philippines Pesos, totaling the whole cost for only 1,800 Pesos. This offer claimed for the whole process to be done under local anesthesia in a well equipped clinic with its own operating room. It also stated the procedure was to be done by a duly licensed and board certified surgeon. This Groupon coupon was valid for 3 months with the limit of 1 Groupon per person, although customers may purchase multiple Groupons to be given as gifts.

This offer is no longer available as Groupon Philippines has also suspended earlier this year in 2015. The deal, which was creepy in itself, was even made creepier by the description which reads, “Just like a triple backflip, performing a circumcision on oneself requires a lot of mental preparation, is very risky, and cannot easily be repeated. Have a trained professional snip the tip with today’s Groupon.”

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Smart Shopping With The Use Of Coupon Code Box

Shopping online, most websites offer a promo code box to be filled with coupon codes within the checkout process of the purchase. Most of the time, this empty text box would be placed next to the total amount of purchase to be paid, so that when customers input the right code the total payment would be automatically deducted. This coupon code box is very vital in spending less money to shop online with the same amount of products ordered.

In facing the coupon code box, customers would have several courses of action to be taken. Dedicated shoppers, or sometimes just a lucky customer having noticed the promo code ad, would put the coupon code into the box to get discounts for their online purchase. Without having a code in mind prior to the shopping activity, most customers will just skip the opportunity to fill out the box and skip directly through the checkout and payment process. What most customers do not notice is that there are actually some websites which provide coupon codes for viewers to use, and by spending a bit more time in researching for the code, customers will be able to shop smarter.

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