Coupons are vouchers issued by a manufacturer or retailer which offers a discount on a particular product. They are sometimes referred to as coupon codes, promotional codes, discount codes, key codes, promotion codes, surplus codes, portable codes, discount vouchers, voucher codes, shopping codes, reward codes, referral codes, or source codes.

Gift cards are personal certificate that gives the user the authority to spend its value on their personal choice of items. Often given as gifts, they enable the user to have a free choice over items they choose to purchase – ideal for people who are tricky in the holiday season, who wouldn’t appreciate a generic gift but would instead prefer to buy exactly what they wanted. Usually, a gift card can be used whenever desired, with some amount taken off the total unit until it has all been spent.

Coupons, on the other hand, are usually specifically connected to a particular product. A coupon (for example, Kohls Black Friday Coupon Codes 30% Off) might give discounts on some grocery items, laundry products or any other basic goods. Coupons as well as gift cards have a clearly printed expiration date, sometimes a full thirty days, sometimes only for one week. Coupons have shorter dates because individual promotions change much more rapidly than more open ended, long running discounts. Some supermarkets offering online shopping with delivered groceries are able to accept coupons via their website, printing a unique reference ID onto the coupon which can be typed into the website. Others must only be used in the stores themselves.