In the recent years, Kohl’s capital investments have shifted from the old building new stores concept to the modern improvement of customers shopping experience. This basically means that Kohl’s will be spending more money into making the customers shopping adventure to become more convenient and fun. Improving customers shopping experience includes methods such as bringing in new merchandise presentation, an easier online shopping experience as well as a better check-out process, which includes the chance to input coupons from deals like the upcoming Kohl’s Black Friday discount promotion.

In managing the capital investments, Kohl’s have a total number of 137,500 employees in 49 states, with the biggest percentage being in California with 13,900 distributed to 126 stores throughout the state. For providing better services, Kohl’s has also established 3 distribution centers in California, 1 distribution center in Georgia, 1 distribution center in Illinois, 1 distribution center in Maryland, 1 distribution center in Missouri, 1 distribution center in New York, 2 distribution centers in Ohio and Texas and 1 distribution center in Virginia. Adding up to the total of 13 distribution centers for some states and 1164 stores nationwide, customers can expect a good quality of service even for peak shopping season such as the Kohl’s Black Friday period.